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Debugging with indexed symbols

So are now using TfsIndexer on one or more of your projects, and now are just wondering: what good is it doing for me? Let me explain what you will have to do.

Configuring Visual Studio

To make Visual Studio able to download missing source code from TFS Server, will need first to make this little configuration:
  • Go Tools menu, and choose Options
  • Go Debugging, General option tab
  • Check Enable source server support option


Next, will have to make sure Visual Studio is able to connect to TFS Server.

That's it. Now, when your are debugging with a indexed symbols file compiled along with its matching assembly, and you step into a method for which you don't have its source code, Visual Studio will get it from TFS. With the exactly change set from which it was compiled. Just like that.

This will save much time you used to spend recompiling project just to be able to debug it.

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